Every year millions of cats and dogs lose their lives because they are unwanted.

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Controlling Overpopulation Pet Services
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Dr Moore

Quality low cost services offered by appointment for cats, dogs, and rabbits.


Every week, in our area alone, hundreds of cats, kittens, and dogs are left looking for a home. Some will be lucky and find a loving family, others will not. They will be unwanted, neglected, abandoned, and left to fend for themselves in the harsh New England weather.

With the economy in a state of turmoil, many people find they are no longer able to care for their beloved pets the way they once did. The solution at one time was to turn the pets over to shelters, unfortunately that option is becoming increasingly unavailable. With the shelters filling to capacity, many cats are turned away. Subsequently the feral cat population is on the rise.

During the peak "kitten season," June through September, unplanned and planned litters contribute 500 or more kittens in our local population each week. Cats not spayed have the capacity to produce four litters a year, with the average litter ranging from 4-9 kittens. Unneutered males can triple the problem by impregnating several cats a week.









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